Super librarian

Crave Books Tasmania.

I am a book-loving library person, bringing new life to old books from my own home in Stanley. I have been a keen reader and lover of books since childhood. Many of my favourites still adorn my shelves and are like old friends. As a school librarian for many years. I have stamped, coded, covered and taped up countless children’s books. Seeing the joy they bring to each new reader. In this age of e-books and poorly bound volumes I wonder how many of today’s stories will still be readable or even exist into the next century. Compare the bindings of the latest paperback with a beautiful leather-bound volume from the 1800’s, gilt titling, elaborate decorative covers, carefully sewn signatures. So beautiful, a work of art. But like any antique they suffer from wear and tear. The most common problem is damage to the spines, mainly caused from the way we remove them from tightly packed shelves. I began learning how to help my antique and vintage books as I collected more (and more!) My skills have improved and now extend my book repair services to others.


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